Sarkodie: "Ace Hood Contacted Me for a Collaboration & I ended up advising Him"

Sarkodie who was recently nominated at the BET Awards shared his memorable experience on how he got that golden opportunity to collaborate with U.S rapper Ace Hood. he said.

“I didn't make any announcement; basically I doubted it which is bad but such a call always makes you feel like it's a prank. I've got my agents in the States who actually contacted me that Ace Hood contacted them. Things happen the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people. I kind of doubted and never tweeted anything or said anything about it. Things have to be done before you actually talk about it. Even when everything was done and I had to move, I still wanted to get the song done. Right from studio I saw a tweet from France saying "Oh, this is happening, Sarkodie & Ace Hood" I was shocked and in the car we kept quiet for an hour pointing fingers at who actually leaked the whole information but surprisingly Ace Hood himself put it out there.”

He further continued
“I knew these questions were going to come up, and with the (cameraman); He actually took me from the Airport when I had to hire a car, do a couple of meetings before meeting him. Initially we went to a studio where he actually told us to book and record and his management came in and they put up something that we didn't know. He has his fan base in Accra so when he checked what's happening in Africa looked at a bunch of people and see who he can connect with and the type of sound that he was looking for and luckily for "Sark" it was me so, he came in later on. At this point, I'm not the young guy who started some years ago who was always scared. I ended up advising Ace Hood.”

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