Tinny threatens to sue Socrate Sarfo for defamation

Ghanaian rapper, Tinny has ordered movie producer, Socrate Sarfo to provide evidence to the fact that he has four children and four wives.

Socrate is alleged to have made the claim on Peace FM’s entertainment review show a couple of weeks ago.

Now the rapper wants Socrate to provide details of the customary or marriage by ordinance between him and the four women.

This, he said, should include names of the women and when they got bonded together as husband and wives.

Briefing a section of the media, Tinny noted that failure on the part of Socrate to produce this evidence to support his claim will lead to a legal tussle.

He said, “I will sue Socrate for defamation of character for failing to provide the requisite evidence.”

He said as a role model he needs to protect his brand and serve as good example for those who look up to him to emulate, adding that issues which will paint a negative image of him must not be countenanced.

Tinny said, he is just an outspoken type, who would always ensure his side is heard and has a strong self-belief which must not be misconstrued as arrogance.

He hinted that his lawyers have taken up the matter and will follow it up to the latter.

Tinny and Socrate Sarfo have been in the news for some time now due to an altercation which ensued between them on the radio programme.