People now refer to celebrated Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson as Yvonne ´´Yaa Asantewaa´´ Nelson, because she is the pioneer of and the leading name behind the #DumsorMustStop campaign. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bestowing such an honour on this female celebrity, but does she really deserve this Pan-African title or does her campaign merit this feminist adulation? However, I thank God she did not claim all this, but she is rather humbled by what people think highly of her now!

And in my candid opinion, ´´yes´´ would be my answer to those two questions but on face value. Nana Yaa Asantewaa was the queen mother of Ejisu who led the Ashantis who were dominated by able-bodied men to fight our colonial masters, the British in the early 1900s. This woman of valour resisted colonialism especially in the Ashanti Kingdom at the expense of her own life which eventually led to her death at the Seychelles’ island while in exile.

Moreover, Yvonne Nelson is a movie star who leads the #DumsorMustStop campaign in the midst of agitated Ghanaian men. That is the biggest similarity between Yaa Asantewaa and Yvonne Nelson, because they are both of high repute as a queen mother and an actress respectively. But let me ask the following striking questions which sound mischievous to challenge the validity of this ´´Yaa Asantewaa´´ accolade given her!

Can Yvonne Nelson die for her #DumsorMustStop campaign, i.e. accept any irreparable damage she suffers as a result of this campaign? Can she withstand political vendetta against her for this #DumsorMustStop campaign? And would Yvonne Nelson expend much of her hard-earned money, talented efforts and professional time in her #DumsorMustStop campaign? But I for once praise her efforts rather than the possible results, because what she is doing seems to be unprecedented in our political history vis-à-vis our arts and entertainment sector! 

***Written By: Allan Kweku Buah a.k.a @Sir_Article***