Award Winning Ghanaian Actor Reveals How Majid Michel Influenced His Decision to Play a Gay Role

Umar revealed to eTV's The Late Nite Celebrity Show;

“When I returned from Spirited Actor I was Nigeria with my friend; and Luckie Lawson called me and was like ‘Yvonne is auditioning for her upcoming movie and I was like, ‘Luckie, I just came back from the Spirited Actor and I can’t do these auditions again. I have gone passed.’ But two days later after that Luckie call, the director called and told me there was this movie and casting and everything was done and they wanted me to play a gay character.”
He continued
“As soon as they called Majid Michel as part of the cast, I told myself I was going to play the role, I called Luckie to send me the script and I went on the internet to research on some gay characters and how they behave. I immediately got into character before the shoot started till it ended and even two months after the shoot there were traces of the character in me. But it was a great experience being on set with Yvonne , Majid and others because I had this dream of meeting Majid and that movie really blew me up.”

“But I played another gay character in Cheaters Game and its weird and nobody wants to do. There are lots of side effect and the media was all over me.”