Check Out Siri's Responses When You Start Asking Questions About Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has a staunch ally in the form of Siri, iPhone's voice-activated virtual assistant.

Siri got attention recently after users discovered its sassy response to the question, "What's zero divided by zero?"

Since that revelation, iPhone users have been discovering even more quirky responses from Siri, uncovering a programmed personality of sorts.

The latest revelation? Siri is more capable than some humans when it comes to understanding gender identity.
Check out how Siri reacts when users ask a question about Jenner's gender.

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Ask a question using Jenner's former first name, Bruce, and Siri will reply using Jenner's new name.

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Keep asking about "Bruce," and Siri might even get a little impatient with you.

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This also applies when you ask Siri questions about Jenner's life.


Siri respects Jenner's chosen name and gender identity, refusing to call her by her previous name.

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