Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 4. Image credit: Jay McGregor

Samsung has some work to do if it’s going to beat gain some market share back from Apple.

Huge battery

The battery has been upgraded in size from 3220mAh to 4100mAh. Whether it’s removable or not? We don't know that yet. But It's highly possible.


According to Forbes, It’s not yet clear if Samsung will launch a dual-curved screen version of the Note 5, but given the interest in the S6 Edge, it’s entirely likely. Will a dual-curved version come with extra functionality? Possibly. Samsung filed a patent last November, which Patently Mobile picked up on, which suggests that a future curved device will make use of the edges. It gives the examples of using the extra display space as volume control, or even a way of bringing up the keyboard when both palms are pressed against it.

The design itself is, strangely, still a mystery. SamMobile has reported that it will have 4GM of RAM and follow the S6’s lead in design (a glass front and rear panel), but we’re still in the dark about measurements and other design-related things. Not to mention the ‘will they, won’t they’ drama surrounding the microSD slot.

Popping out S-pen

Rumours are saying that it will be able to pop-out on command (perhaps by voice) when needed. Don’t forget to look out for a Note 5 in the next Bond film, where 007 uses a modded S Pen as a projectile that somehow saves the world.