Sarkodie performed in front of only 27 people including cameramen and ‘cleaners’ at the BET Experience

sarkodieAccording to recent statement by Jay Foley, it appears Sarkodie performed in front of only 27 people at the BET Experience.

Jay Foley was at the event, and after counting the number of people at the auditorium, they were exactly 27, including cameramen and others, he mentioned on Starr FM.

What a shame to our ‘celebrities’, who pay expensive air flights to the US anytime they’re invited, only to perform in front of a small audience, and receive what has been dubbed as ‘backstage awards’.

Who is to blame for this one? But so far it appears that we as Africans haven’t done enough for ourselves, since we so far don’t have a higher rated awards event that can be compared to the BET. Every year our stars run out of the country or continent as a whole, for the same experience, or perhaps just to take photos at the BET, and brag a bit