Usernames Of Celebrities You Should Be Following on Snapchat

As more and more of your favorite stars hop on the Snapchat wagon, figuring out how to add them to your friends list can become a difficult task. Celebrities use the rising social media platform to share selfies, funny videos, or behind-the-scenes footage, but unlike Instagram and Twitter, there are no verified accounts or check marks next to their name, so trying to hunt them down can seem like an endless mission. To make your life easier, we've rounded up the top celebrities you should be following.  

1. Kylie Jenner: kylizzlemynizzl

What she snaps: Her outfits and makeup, funny videos, behind-the-scenes selfies, and answers to fan questions.
Image Source: Snapchat user kylizzlemynizzl

2.Justin Bieber: rickthesizzler
What he snaps: Travel photos, videos with family and friends, and inspirational quotes.
Image Source: Snapchat user rickthesizzler

3. Nicole Richie: itsnikkifresh
What she snaps: Duck-face selfies, on-set footage from Candidly Nicole, and her ever-changing hair color.
Image Source: Snapchat user itsnikkifresh

4. Cody Simpson: aussiemuso
What he snaps: Studio photos with his band and airplane selfies.
Image Source: Snapchat user aussiemuso

5. Rihanna: rihanna
What she snaps: Side-eyes, makeup tutorials, and snack runs.
Image Source: Snapchat user rihanna

6. Jared Leto: jaredleto
What he snaps: Joker selfies, psychedelic drawings, and Thirty Seconds to Mars videos.
Image Source: Snapchat user jaredleto

7. Ashley Benson: benzo33

What she snaps: Dance moves, rap videos, and pictures of her Pretty Little Liars costars.
Image Source: Snapchat user benzo33

8. Calvin Harris: calvinharris
What he snaps: Trips to Whole Foods, shirtless selfies, and songs like Kanye West's "All Day."
Image Source: Snapchat user calvinharris

9. Jennifer Lopez: jlobts
What she snaps: Designer outfits, behind-the-scenes videos, and photos of her jaw-dropping curves.
Image Source: Snapchat user jlobts

10. Nick Jonas: jicknonas
What he snaps: Award show footage, studio sessions, and photos from his dressing room.
Image Source: Snapchat user jicknonas

11. Shay Mitchell: officialshaym
What she snaps: Bikini selfies, pizza photos, and Pretty Little Liars exclusives.
Image Source: Snapchat user officialshaym

12. Keegan Allen: lifelovebeautyb
What he snaps: Hair and makeup videos, pictures from the PLL set, and his cat, Minin.
Image Source: Snapchat user lifelovebeautyb

13. Ariana Grande: moonlightbae
What she snaps: Tour footage and videos of her and her brother, Frankie, singing together.
Image Source: Snapchat user moonlightbae

14. Meghan Trainor: mtrainor22
What she snaps: Car selfies and her cute reactions to meeting other celebrities.
Image Source: Snapchat user mtrainor22

15. Ryan Seacrest: ryanseacrest
What he snaps: Photos with celebrity friends like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, and more.
Image Source: Snapchat user ryanseacrest

16. Olivia Culpo: oliviaculpo
What she snaps: Flawless selfies, baking videos, and giant-doughnut pool floats.
Image Source: Snapchat user oliviaculpo