WATCH: "I'm not really ashamed of viral public video" - woman says to 'haters'

The 20-year-old woman at the centre of a viral video scandal has said she "doesn't regret" indulging in a public threesome with two men in cowboy hats.

An unknown camerawoman shot a film of Alexis Frulling "getting down" in an alleyway in Calgary, Canada, during the Stampede festival.

This video nasty was uploaded to Reddit, where it was watched by hundreds of thousands of people - some of whom were able to identify its star.

Now Frulling has released an astonishing video response to the "haters", in which she simulates oral s.x with two cucumbers, fondles her breasts suggestively and apologises for being "drunk".

"I can't say I'm really proud of what happened, but I'm not really ashamed," she said in her "Trampede" film.

"People have asked me if I regret it - and I don't.

"If you regret things, how are you going to move forward with your life?

"Who doesn't make bad decisions?"
Described as a "hero woman" by Vice and a "slut" by Reddit commenters, Frulling has been at the centre of a storm ever since her identity was revealed.
"This isn't fair," she told Vice.
"I don't see why I should get bashed for it when the guys don't get bashed for it. We meant for this to be just between us and our friend group, but it all backfired."
Feminists are furious about the reaction to Frulling's broad daylight s.x romp, which The heated response to the video has been described as "slut-shaming".

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