Your iOS Device Might Suddenly Freeze And Demand $80 To Fix, Here's What To Do

Recent news reports have revealed that an overwhelming number of iPhones and iPads have been freezing. Needless to say, lots of Apple customers are not happy campers right now. Once a device has been contaminated, the device will display a system alert that reads, “‘Warning iOS Crash Report – Due to a third-party application in your phone, iOS crashed. Contact support for an immediate fix.”

The daunting alert also includes a phone number to a call center – “1-800-480-4170″ for U.S. customers and “0800 279 6211″ or “0800 652 4895″ in the UK – that can fix the issue in a timely fashion. But, of course, the service comes with a price – $80.00 to be exact, reports New York Daily News. The alert informs customers that they must pay the $80.00 repair fee to fix their device or all of their personal data will be stolen from the phone.

But, luckily, there are a number of tech-savvy Apple users who have found a way to combat the daunting scam alert. Apparently, there is a way to bypass the alert by placing the phone in “Airplane” mode. After changing the phone to “Airplane” mode, several users have discovered that the alert can be removed by simply clearing the Safari Internet browser history. Once the browser is rebooted, the alert reportedly disappears. One customer recently recounted her experience with the alleged call center, but quickly realized she was being scammed reports Daily Mail.

“She stated that my iOS crashed and was no longer something on my iPhone 5S and that a third party was at that time taking all my info off my phone – nice ‘scare tactic’, eh?. She then said for $80, though, she could reinstall iOS and just needed my credit card number – yeah, okay. So, I said that was ridiculous as I had been using apps and my phone the whole time I was talking to her on speaker, and said I would call Apple Support directly. She told me they would say the same thing about having to pay to have iOS reinstalled on my phone. I said ‘I highly doubt it’ and told her I wouldn’t pay the money and that she was essentially full of c***. She then said – probably after realising I wasn’t buying any of it – ‘okay, ma’am’ and hung up on me.”

Apple has also offered suggestions to resolve the problem on its support page. -Inquisitr