Yvonne Nelson Fires Ice Prince, Compares Her Relationship With Iyanya To Vomit & Says Nigerian Men are Liars

Yvonne Nelson is not holding her tongue when it comes to her past relationships which have largely been with Nigerian men whom she says can “LIE FOR AFRICA”

The Ghanaian actress who graces the cover of the latest issue of Genevieve Magazine let it all out in an interview with the mag where she talked about her relationship with Iyanya, Ice Prince and being in love.

Let’s start with what she had to say about Ice Prince who reportedly had dated the actress,

I wasn’t in a relationship with Ice Prince; he was just a friend to me. I don’t understand the kind of attention he was trying to draw to himself by claiming we had a relationship. If he wanted to say the truth, why didn’t he just say it from the beginning? All along he’d been saying that we’re friends and all of a sudden he turns around to claim that it was more than a friendship. C’mon!

Uh oh!!

Iyanya with whom she had a messy & public breakup

We did have a relationship. I loved him at a point. It just didn’t work out.

Would she date him again?

Never! It’s like eating your vomit. No way! It’s not happening ever. As a matter of fact I’m not interested in anybody in the arts, because it is not the right place to invest time and emotions. A lot of entertainers have so much on their table, so they would not give the real thing. I know my values; I am loyal and straightforward, but a lot of entertainers are not like that. They would just lie to you and waste your time. That is because, like pilots, entertainers go around a lot. In every country a pilot goes to, he can decide to have a wife or girlfriend. So they can actually lead like a hundred different lives and none of these women will know.

Her experience with Naija men & who she will date next

I don’t know yet. I can’t say I want a Nigerian, or a Gambian or a Cameroonian. When it happens, it happens. But Nigerian men can lie. Nigerian guys can lie for the whole of Africa. They will come with all the lies because they know that women respond to the things they hear. The lies are just so crazy. And I’m not some 19 year-old who just wants to have fun. I’m not in that place anymore. So I’m taking my time to get it right.

She really misses being in love

I miss the late night phone calls, and the never-ending text messages. I miss that strong sense of desire that exists between two people who can’t get enough of each other. I miss that rush of adrenaline, the weakness at the knees and that joy that makes you laugh even when there’s nothing funny. I just miss loving someone and being loved in return.

What she’s learnt from her previous relationships

Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe all the things men say. A man who is all-se-xual from the very beginning is a no go area; he just wants to jump into bed into you. If a man truly loves you, and is ready to be with you, he will be there for you. Relationships are much more beautiful when it starts as a friendship. So you are able to goof around with the person. I love goofing around. I love to be myself and do funny videos. That’s why people think that John Dumelo and I have a thing, because John is such a perfect friend.

She went in!!! LOL!

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