Ghanaian Pharmacists declare nationwide strike

The Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA) has declared a nationwide strike starting today after negotiations with Chief of Staff failed to yield results.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, the Deputy General Secretary of GHOSPA Courage Darku noted that their decision was primarily influenced by the dissatisfaction of members.

“We are just representing people, you know when union issues such as these, you are faced with serious pressures from people from different angles. Imagine these are people who are really worse off with their remuneration,” he stated.

The strike will see the suspension of Out-Patients Departments (OPD’s), nights and weekend services.

However, emergency cases and in-patient will be attended to.

Meanwhile Courage Darku has refuted claims that the labour front is being insensitive to the government.

“We understand there is difficulty in our nation today but if they call us and say we know this is the issue but we will meet you from here at least. But to keep silence, I think that is what is leading to that. Discussions have not been enough and whenever they are due for appointments with ministers, they don’t grant them audience,” he noted.

A strike by the pharmacists will compound the problems of the health sector which is already reeling from the effects of a strike by medical doctors.

By:Pius Amihere/