Always Wanted to Put a MicroSD Card into your iPhone? Here's how

I came across this device this morning and I thought it wise to share it with you guys. It was designed by Leef, a designer and developer of flash memory-based products that was formed in 2010.

The device called Leef iAccess as described by 

"is a compact, well designed little device that connects directly into the Lightning port of one of Apple’s modern iOS devices, bringing with it the ability to access additional storage through a microSD card slot built into the little accessory.

The idea behind the Leef iAccess is that it provides an extremely quick mechanism for iOS device owners to quickly upload photographs and videos stored on a microSD card directly to a connected iPhone or iPod touch. The product does come with a fringe benefit however, in that it can actually be used to expand the storage capacity of said iOS device, something which could be extremely beneficial for those consumers who have opted to save a little bit of money by purchasing one of Apple’s 16GB iPhones. With the accessory in hand, users will not be limited to any set size of storage. Leef iAccess is able to support microSD cards from 8GB, up to 128GB."


The iAccess goes for  $49.99 and it's available right now directly from Leef.