Thieves raided ‘royal warehouse’ not Antoa Nyama’s shrine

They made away with royal regalia and ornaments used for the installation of chiefs and other royals with the community.

The theft was detected when the occupants of the house noticed that the room where the items were kept had been broken into.

The Kenyasi District Commander of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mr Emmanuel Adu-Boahen, who confirmed the incident to the Daily Graphic, said the six occupants of the house, including the chief in charge of the safekeeping of the items, had been arrested in connection with the theft.

He said the six since had since been granted police enquiry bail and were assisting in investigation.

Contrary to the earlier reports that the incident happened at the dreaded river deity, Antoa Nyama, DSP Adu-Boahen, said where the incident happened was far from the river body.

“The house is within the Antoa township close to the chief’s palace and nowhere near the river shrine,” he explained.