Child's witty answer to exam question "the most dangerous during a tornado" is too hilarious to be wrong

A child answering a test question on tornado safety has hit the nail on the head - and knows exactly how dangerous the weather system can be.

The question read: "In your opinion, which location would be the most dangerous during a tornado?"

The image, posted online by user Patsfan, is called " Kid's take on tornado safety " and has been viewed more than 1.9million times .

The options are 'in school', 'at a park' and 'in a store', with respondents given the option of to 'circle one'.

But as the instruction is in the same bold font as the answers, the child has circled the 'circle one' option.

You can't fault their logic, as they explain: "It is way too dangerous to circle a tornado".

Tornado approaching houseGetty
Truth spoken: Tornados, clearly, are much too dangerous to circle