Remember Sheldon’s sleepy-time jam 'Soft Kitty'? Big Bang Theory has been sued over it

Would you ever guess that S would become the source of a copyright lawsuit? Nevertheless, the daughters and heirs of New Hampshire teacher Edith Newlin are suing CBS and other media-related companies over “Soft Kitty” fromThe Big Bang Theory.

Ellen Newlin Chase and Margaret Chase Perry filed a “copyright infringement action” against the show’s producers, as well as CBS and their various partners. According to legal documents, “The lyrics – beginning with the words ‘Soft kitty, warm kitty’ (the ‘Soft Kitty Lyrics’) – were created as a poem by Edith Newlin, the Plaintiffs’ mother.” The lawsuit further accuses the producers and CBS of using the lyrics in their entirety without authorization to contribute to the show’s overall commercial success.

“Soft Kitty” has been sung by various characters on The Big Bang Theory. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) famously did so while playing nursemaid to a sick Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Fans will no doubt recognize the catchy tune.