JUST IN: Price of sachet water goes up to GHp 30

According to the sachet water producers, the upward adjustment follows the recent hike in utility prices and the new increment in petroleum prices through the Energy Sector Levy.

President of the Sachet and Packaged Water Producers Association, Magnus Noono indicated that “there’d definitely be an increase but we’re having a press conference tomorrow [26th Jan, 2016].

"Nobody can really tell why a beer producing company like Accra Brewery is paying GHC 10 per cubic meter while someone producing packaged water is paying GHC 50 to GHC 60 per cubic meter.

“These are things that the public would want to know and we are demanding answers from the PURC. How can you morally justify that? For the first time we have categorized and separated bottled water from all of them and slapped five times the amount on it. Definitely it’s going to go up to GHp 30, that is what we are coming up with as the first step.”

Mr. Noono further indicated that if the regulator of the utility producers, the PURC does not do anything about it, further increases would be announced in the coming days.

He said “If they do not do something about it and correct the anomaly, before they realise, we would come out with our second price.”

In the wake of news about the imminent increase in the prices of sachet water, some sellers have indicated that the decision would further worsen their condition and the difficulty they have had in selling their wares.

Some of them in an interview with tv3network.com said “this would be insensitive to the business we do and the most affected would be school children. They drink water a lot and if they are given pocket money, it would not suffice for their upkeep.”

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|tv3network.com|Ghana
Twitter: @NewsyMartin