VIDEO: Hilarious moment as TV presenter loses her bikini top during live broadcast

Bernardita, who is a presenter of Chilean TV show 'Good Morning Everyone' explained how it all happened
"In truth I wasn’t going to go in the water, the bandeau bikini was a recent present, but I didn’t attach the straps to keep it in place because I had them on my top."
"In Renaca the waves are very mischievous and it always happens. You just have to turn around pull up your bikini top and get on with it" said Bernadita, laughing it off.

Ready to go: The journalist admits she decided not to use the bikini's straps

She described how a few surfers managed to get a good look but "the camera didn't see anything and anyway what are they going to see if I don’t have anything there to show!"

CENWardrobe malfunction: The bikini top slipped off as she dived into the water

"It was a fun situation" she said