Hilarious Facts Every Med Student Knows

You will be a different person after these four years!

1. The top student in every graduating class gets a Vermont fishing license along with their diploma: Most accredited medical schools recognize the excellence of their top graduating student by issuing them a license that allows them to legally fish in the state of Vermont along with their medical degree. Just another reason for all aspiring doctors to study as hard as they can!

2. There’s a difference between medical school and doctor academy: Most people who have never been to medical school just assume that it’s the same as doctor academy, but there’s actually a huge difference.

3. Everyone’s first med school class is learning that doctors made up the liver: You all have a big laugh about how the world thinks livers exist.

4. The EKG can pick up some AM radio stations if you tune it right: Old med student trick.

5. Your neck still hasn’t grown its Stethoscope Callus, so the stethoscope still feels hot when you put it on: It’s pretty painful, but only a few more years and that Callus will finally come in.

6. Eventually, you’re going to have to see someone’s ankles: You can try to put it off for as long as you can, but if you’re in medical school, at some point, you will see a human’s ankles.

7. You finally get the meaning of the 1990 game Dr. Mario: “Dr.” means “Doctor,” which explains the white lab coat and the pills.

8. Even when you pass your GPIBTs, you never really stop studying for your GPIBTs: Let’s face it, you’ll be keeping the GPIBT flashcards with you for the rest of med school and beyond. That test is a beast, but it’ll make you a better doctor.

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