‘Hilarious’ Movie Moments That Would Get Banned Now

You’ll laugh or prolly get bored. 

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 Ferrell got a fair amount of criticism from audiences for Get Hard. In case you missed it, that was the one where he sought the advice of Kevin ‘Ride Along’ Hart on how to be sufficiently “street” for a life behind bars. Throw in a scantily-clad Alison Brie cavorting about the place in her undercrackers and you had all the ingredients for a near-the-knuckle pie with a side order of unacceptability.

The followinng are some Hilarious Movie Moments That Would Get Banned Now

Senseless Comedy: See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Homosexual Hilarity: Police Academy

Perverted Piggy: Big Top Pee-Wee
Warner Bros.

Tucker’s Oriental Omnishambles: Rush Hour

Scandinavian Scandal: The Producers

Me So Solly: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Beverly Hills Flop: Delirious