See 10 of the Most Unfortunate Things That Ever Happened

If you're having a bad day, just take a look at these unfortunate scenarios and realize that you have it pretty damn good, kid. Yeah, yeah, we know, you just got your eyes pecked out my birds, but COME ON, at least you're name isn't Dick Raper, right?!

1. Sorry, Mehan :(

2. The cake definitely makes up for your PTSD 

3. She's named after her great-great grandmother, Cthulu Of-The-Sea

4. Work perks, you know, like unwrapped chocolate in the bathroom. 

5. I donut care what you think, I think we have a great police force.

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6. "But dad, I don't want to go to school" "Did you just call me butt dad young lady? Because you are correct."

7. I'm sure you did, little dude. I'm sure you did. 
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8. R.I.P to this funeral 

9. That right there is a Dick Raper if I've ever seen one. 

10. Hey, hey little feller. You sure you good? Buddy? Nah, he's good.