Humor Pranks That Hilariously Backfired

Pranks are supposed to be funny — by the end, both the pranker and the pranked should be laughing. If someone almost gets shot, stabbed, or tackled and you have to say "it’s a prank! It’s just a prank! Chill out!" over and over, it is NOT A GOOD PRANK. "Do it for the views" should lead to death or traumatization. Here are some pranks that backfired!

Snooping on boyfriend's phone prank

This girl's boyfriend realizes that she’s been looking through his phone whenever he leaves a room. To make sure that never happens again, he sets it up to look likes he’s cheating on his girlfriend with someone else. Naturally, the girlfriend didn’t take it well, and before she leaves her boyfriend's house forever, she breaks the television set. Now, TV’s ain’t cheap and I’m guessing he’s going to be paying for it.

Scare in elevator prank

Do people like thinking they’re about to meet their end in a small room? Probably not. This girl, who was dressed as a ghost/demon/generally scary thing, popped up in an elevator to scare some unsuspecting normies, and the last guy in the video drop-kicks her in the face. That guy would survive horror movies. That guy should run for president. That guy will emerge from the rubble of a collapsed building. You know he loves his girlfriend if he’s willing to step in front of a possible ghost, kick it, and still make her leave the elevator first. BOYS TAKE NOTE.

Selling "Coke" prank

This prank was going so well until someone called the cops. These pranksters acted like they had a bunch of "coke" in their trunk... and were immediately handcuffed and taken to the patrol car. When the cops actually check the trunk of the car, they saw cans and cans of coca-cola, and everyone was let go. This prank could have gone very badly, but the fact the police were so cool with it was awesome.

Farting in people’s faces prank

Picture yourself sitting at a bus stop and having someone just fart right in your face. When these guys pulled a prank with fake fart machines, people got very mad and were quick to act like they were gonna choke these guys (as any normal person would do if someone farted in their face). Even though the farts were faked, these dudes have to keep that nastiness to themselves — no one needs to even imagine themselves smelling that stank.

Stepping on peoples' shoes pranks

Walking behind someone and stepping on someone else's shoes sounds innocent, and it is! Apparently some people don’t understand jokes because one guy calls the cops on these pranksters and then goes on and on about how stepping on shoes is a form of assault. Getting your shoe stepped on is annoying, but can you go to jail for excessive shoe stepping???