How to Plan an Affordable Vacation in Ghana

Just imagining the cost of a Vacation to Ghana is enough to cause a nervous breakdown. The Country’s Mesmerizing beaches, Luxurious hotels, Landmarks, Reserves and Public parks don’t depict cheap. The average tourist’s orientation of a Ghana vacation makes it seem like it beyond their reach.
The good news is, a Ghana Vacation is not only an amazing destination, but can be enjoyed for any budget range. All you need to do is an extensive research and plan ahead.
Here are tips on how to plan an affordable Ghana Vacation.

Book Affordable Accommodations in Ghana
Hotels in Ghana range from Five-star hotels to cheap hotels. When searching for an inexpensive hotel always include factors like distance to the sights and points of Interest in Ghana.
Be on the lookout for hotels with shared bathrooms, they are reasonably priced and may help you reduce room cost. While lodged be wary of the mini-mart, its items are usually overpriced, instead make use of a shop within your vicinity.

When to Plan
Knowing when to plan is a major part of the plan; after the initial research you can figure out the pleasant weather brings in tourists especially during Mid Winter breaks. When making your plans be focused on being an early bird, so you can significantly reduce flight and hotel costs.   

Cheap transportation within Ghana
When visiting Ghana it's wise to focus on a Single city e.g. Accra that provides the best overall experience. However, travelers with adventurous spirit seek out the hidden treasures of every destination Ghana has to offer. City taxis are the best choice of transportation within towns and cities in Ghana. Taxi drivers in Ghana are reputed to be Knowledgeable and friendly, they're dedicated to helping discover Ghana.

Where to Eat out
Ghana is home to some of Africa's best dishes, so plan your sampling wisely. Meals are typically cheap in Ghana; find a restaurant menu that offers variety and smaller meals.
Before leaving for your tour, research restaurants within that area to see which ones you would like. Avoid food orders without first requesting a sample; this prevents waste and you munching on snacks throughout your vacation.

Staying within your budget
Staying within your budget starts by avoiding packaged tours and having simple planning. Begin by accepting your budget and working within it. Budget apps come in handy while on Vacation, you easily can trace records of expenses and how to prioritize while on your trip.

Affordable Destinations in Ghana
When searching for cheap locations, reach out to your hotel attendants or local Tourist Information Office. Be sure to travel with your student ID card as you may get reduced cost of admission into popular attractions, especially Museums.

Staying in touch; International calls
Flee from phone roaming charges; be sure to purchase a local call-card on landing. Using Skype and Whatsapp, you can stay connected with friends and family at a minute cost.

Source: Akintoye  A.O