Tic Tac Drags Melcom To Court Over 2009 Contract

Tic Tac, known for his hit singles such as Philomena has dragged Melcom Ghana Limited to an Accra Human Rights High Court for breach of contract, according to Ameyaw Debrah.

According to the Tic Tac, Melcom’s continuous use of his pictures after his two years contract with them ended in May 31, 2011 is illegal and is seeking compensation. 

According to his statement of claim, he is asking the court for a declaration that the continuous use of his images on Melcom’s billboard in the absence of a valid contract , violates the express terms of the contract executed on May 21, 2009.

He is also praying the court for an order directed at Melcom to remove his images from any of their billboards across the country forthwith.

Tic Tac further stated in his writ of summons that he executed a two years contract with Melcom in May 2009 as their brand ambassador, adding that under the contract, latter was permitted to use his images for billboards, voice and personal appearances for advertising and promotional purposes.

According to him, he has lost other promotional contracts on due to the failure of Melcom to remove the images.