Hilariously Inappropriate Answers in School Tests

Why are children funny? They are blatantly honest and say things adults wouldn't dare. If that wasn't enough they are usually clueless about sexual innuendos. These reasons add up to this hilarious list of 11 instances when kids were awesomely inappropriate and made the adults giggle.

I Wonder What Was the Teacher's Reaction

To be honest, we do not know who is more to blame here. The task was doomed to be inappropriate from the start. Hilarious mistake or a hidden joke from test creators? Who knows.

Ha Ha... Nerd!

Who has patience to practise piano every single day? Only nerds apparently. The kid is just saying it how it is.

Dear Math, I'm Tired of Looking for Your Ex

Finding X would've required using a theorem and doing calculations. The child found an easy way out by just pointing to it. We wonder did the teacher got the joke?

One Missing Letter Can Mean So Much

It's amusing that kid misspellied the word "horses" on its own. Yet the further into the text you go, the funnier it gets. The following sentences about daddy wanting "hores" an mom saying no sounds hilarious