Here Comes Dolores With Her Hat, And She Looks Good As Hell!

Damn, Dolores! Work it!

1. There she is! Work it, girl!

2. Is this the new hat we’ve been hearing about? It’s a showstopper!

3. Dolores! Seriously, that hat looks so good! Ready for a night out on the town!

4. Ow, ow! Sassy!

5. Oh, and you did your nails too! Fierce, lady! That color is amazing on you.

6. Someone get this woman on the red carpet! Stunning, girl!

7. Don’t know what you’re going for with that pose, but you’re making it work, honey!

8. Whoa, whoa, whoa, is that Patricia Heaton?!? Oh, wait, nope, it’s Dolores, and she looks fine as hell! 

9. Good, rest your feet now, Dolores, because all the fellas are gonna be asking to dance with you tonight!

10. Damn, honey! The camera loves it.

11. Yowza! You keep doing your thing, girl!