Using shypmate in Ghana; My Day-by-day experience.

My shypmate experience.

This is the day-to-day summary of my first purchase with shypmate.

29th September, 2016 - School had started and I needed a tablet. The apple fan in me decided to buy an iPad Air 2. I searched on Tonaton and OLX for good deals but none were convincing enough. Then I checked the Apple official website. $499 for 128gb. Best deal so far

30th September, 2016 – [Morning] I had to look for a friend/ relative in the US who planned on coming down to Ghana soon or an affordable shipping company. The prior was later discarded as none of my family or friends were coming down. The shipping companies were a lot online but ShipToMyDoor and Shypmate were the ones which caught my attention. I further filtered it by eliminating ShipToMyDoor because shypmate was more affordable and professional looking. I made enquires into the company to ascertain its legibility. After settling all doubts, I proceeded to purchase the product. The procedure was very simple.

1. I went to the apple store and selected the product I wanted to buy.

2. I copied the link to the product in the address bar of the browser.

3. I opened a new tab and signed up for shypmate at Signing up was very easy

4. After signing up, I put the link I copied in step 2 into the “Make A Request” form. 

5. I entered the specifications of my product including the weight and price.

6. I continued filling the form and entered details like my delivery address.

7. I proceeded to pay with expresspay. With expresspay, you can use a variety of money sources like visa card, mtn mobile money, airtel money, tigo cash, etc. I used my visa card but the transaction was unsuccessful because of my bank had a 1000 cedi transaction limit on my card.

30th September, 2016 – [Afternoon] I went to the bank to rectify the error and increased limit. This made the transaction go through. I immediately received an email for shypmate confirming the payment. The website read, and I quote “We will purchase it within 24 hours”

 1st October, 2016 - [Evening] After 24 hours, still no information from them.

Try shypmate by signing up here -

More to come.