This woman can’t leave her house because of an allergy to Wifi and mobile phones

Kim De’Atta can rarely see friends and family because electromagnetic waves from modern technology give her migraines, fatigue and even infections.

The former nurse has to wear a shielded bed net on the rare occasions she leaves her home and can only visit places with poor mobile phone reception.

The debilitating condition has forced her to move home twice due to phone masts being built nearby and she now sleeps under a special net.

She hopes that speaking out about electrosensitivity will help people understand her unusual condition and be more sympathetic.

Kim said: ‘Most of the time people think I am mad. It is so difficult because people are not feeling it themselves.

‘I have not seen friends and family for so long. I have had two visitors for half a day each this year. It’s heart-breaking really.

‘The only place I can go is Crewkerne or Lyme Regis as if I go anywhere else I get some serious symptoms.

‘I had not seen my closest aunt for ten years and she didn’t really understand why. We were so close before.

‘I could not bear it anymore and she was 91 at the time. I had to wear my shielded bed net over my head and you can imagine I got some funny looks on the bus.

‘It was so tough for me but I’m pleased I did it because she died the next year and if I hadn’t seen her I would never have forgiven myself.’

Kim said her problems started when she was 16 and living in south London and she started to become ill when she was near TVs.

It got worse a few years later when she was working as a staff nurse in intensive care and she bought a mobile phone so she could be contacted in an emergency.

She said: ‘The first time I put it up to my head it was like a laser going into my brain. Every time I put it up to my head I got the pain.

‘After that I was finding I was getting more and more fatigued and my immune system was getting knocked meaning I was getting infections.’

She discovered more about electrosensitivity and realised her problems were being caused by waves emitted from mobile phones, televisions, Wi-Fi and electronic devices.

Kim moved to Glastonbury to escape the waves and felt better until a few years later when a mobile phone mast was installed in the town centre.

‘I now realise my health started to deteriorate from that point and I started to experience migraines, fatigue and infections,’ she said.

‘At first the doctors thought I had a slipped disc in my back but that wasn’t the case.

‘When I saw another doctor he said it was something in the environment and could be to do with the electromagnetic fields.

‘I was in the library on the computer and got these pins and needles in my arms and my face felt like it was burning. I thought I would just have to cope with it.’

When the town got 3G signal Kim started to experience breathlessness and heart palpitations and moved to Chard, Somerset.

She said: ‘My head felt like it was going to implode and explode at the same time.

‘I was also getting breathlessness, heart palpitations and lower back pain. I had started to suffer from serious ear aches and was becoming really sensitive to light.

‘I had to ask a friend to pick me up because the pain was so tough and that was it, I could not live in Glastonbury any more.

‘My aunt sadly died and after that my cousin gave me some money.

‘With that money I booked a world trip to go to places where I could escape the signals but everywhere you go they started to put up mobile phone masts.

‘I wear a shielded head net, which gives me 50 decibels of protection.