New Attorney General to address restricted admissions into Ghana Law School

Minister-designate for Justice and  has revealed that she intends to urge the General Legal Council to address restricted admissions into the Ghana School of Law.

Gloria Akuffo said accrediting other institutions to carry out the program may be an option.

The Council has over the years regulated admission into the country’s only school of law leading to the majority of graduates from various tertiary institutions not gaining admission.

There is a pending suit before the Supreme Court seeking an order to restrain the Council from carrying out such restrictions.

Answering questions during her vetting by Parliament's Appointment Committee, the former Deputy AG in the President Kufuor government admitted the growth in numbers of faculties that are training LLB degree holders.

"But we continue to have one School of Law and we are kind of building a pyramid. Clearly, the problem as I see it is because we have an accreditation body that gives authority to institutions to establish law faculties whereas, in the School of Law it is under the mandate of the General Legal Council (GLC)," she said.

She said it could be distressing for a student to work very hard to have the ambition to enter a school only to be left hanging not because of their performance but because of the constraint of the institution that is responsible for training lawyers.

According to her, the General Legal Council which has realized its constraints and working towards opening a Legal Village should work with the accreditation to ensure that "standards set quite are high."

"That would bring out good LLB students while GLC considers seriously in accrediting other institutions to open competent and well-established laws schools.

This, she added is "because even with the Legal Village, I can see the situation where the students who hold law degrees would not be able to get the legal training to be lawyers."

She promised that if given the nod to serve the country, she would also get to serve on Council and she would bring her concerns to bear to be considered.