Sex-crazed tortoise gives himself arthritis by having too much sex

A sex-mad tortoise has developed arthritis after, erm, making ‘the tortoise with two backs’ too often.

Poor old horny Bert now requires wheels in order to get around his home at the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk.

The 22-year-old African spurred tortoise had developed swelling in his rear legs when he returned from a breeding programme in 2011.

The two month session saw him sleep with five females producing an unknown number of offspring.

‘He is a lover not a fighter, that is certainly true,’ said Martin Hocking, acting manager at the park’s Secret Animal Garden.

‘African spurred tortoises are prolific breeders who can produce up to 60 to 70 offspring a year and he is no exception.’

Bert was never the same after he came back from a breeding session in 2011 (Picture: SWNS)

Bert’s massive libido looks to have taken its toll and he has spent the past eight weeks on his wheels.

‘The wheels help Bert’s mobility and will hopefully help him heal by aiding circulation,’ park operations manager Adam Goymour added.

‘The public are always interested by Bert and wonder why he has wheels, there is a sign up on the window of his enclosure that tells all the info about his previous injury and why he is on the wheels.