Glo Ghana introduces three new packages

Glo Mobile Ghana on Tuesday launched three new products designed to empower customers to call and browse with data at the most affordable rates.

The three new products are Talk More, Flexi Recharge and New Data Plans.

The launch was also to introduce the new and sixth Glo Ghana Head of Business in just four years, Nagasai Viswanath Saridey.

With Talk More, subscribers will be able to make calls to all networks in Ghana at 11 Ghana pesewas per minute, which is the most affordable off-net rate in the country currently.

Glo used to charge 14 Ghana pesewas per minute for off-net calls, and Airtel used to charge the lowest of 12 Ghana pesewas per minute.

But with 11 Ghana pesewas on Talk More, Glo now have the most affordable off-net rate.

Meanwhile, “Talk More”, which is now the default package on all new Glo SIMS, also get free data on every recharge.

Customers will get 25MB for GHȻ1 recharge, while GHȻ2 give 50MB and GHc5 gives 125MB. For heavy users, a GHc10 recharge gets 250MB, while GHc20 and GHc50 get 500MB and 1250MB respectively.

Validity for the free data will be 1day, 2days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days and 50 days for a corresponding recharge of GHc 1, GHc 2, GHc 5, GHc10, GHc 20 &GHc 50 denomination respectively.

“Existing prepaid subscribers can freely sign on for Talk More via *567# to migrate,” the company said.

The new Glo Ghana Head of Business, NagasaiViswanathSarideysaid the product “is a response to a need to ensure subscribers call for less and derive the maximum value from every cedi spent on recharging”.

Meanwhile, Flexi Recharge is also to allow easy access and flexibility between using voice and data by offering data at almost bundle rates to all the customers.

“This means customers no longer need to fear when their data bundles are exhausted; once the customer has air time, he/she will be charged only 3 Ghana pesewas per megabyte until he/she does another data bundle,” Saridey said.

Similarly, the two New Data Packs offers 400MB for only GHC5 and 850MB for only GHC10 for 30days, which are unprecedented on the market.

“To subscribe for the data pack, a customer with airtime on his Glo line has to dial *555#or SMS MENU to 127,” Saribey said.

He said the new products are customer-centric strategies designed give Glo customers in Ghana more than they deserve, adding that more innovative offers will be rolled out soon.