Justice Dery accuses Anas of perpetuating fraud in fresh suit

According to the embattled judge, the renowned private investigator perpetuated a fraud by using a non-existent entity, Tiger Eye PI, to investigate him, invade his privacy, violate his right to privacy and further petition the President for his removal from office alongside other lawyers indicted in the Judicial Bribery Scandal.

In the current suit, Justice Dery also alleges that Anas altered the Statements of Case filed to petition the President for the removal of himself and other indicted Justices.

Joined to suit are the Chief Justice Georgina Wood (2nd Defendant), Attorney General Gloria Akuffo (3rd Defendant).

Justice Dery contends that Anas made a representation of fact that he has incorporated a company by name Tiger Eye PI which is licensed by the Minister of Interior to conduct private investigations.

Justice Paul Uuter Dery even before the release of the footage, filed a suit to prevent Anas from showing the footage.

He has not stopped hitting the journalist with suits, and has filed several suits at the Supreme Court challenging the capacity of Anas’ investigative company Tiger eye PI, among others.

He is yet to secure a victory from a court on his many suits.