Some Ghanaian students in China stranded over stipend

Some 25 Ghanaian students studying on scholarship in various universities in China have been left stranded due to the delay in the payment of their scholarship funds.

According to adomfm, the students were awarded by the Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana to pursue various postgraduate courses between 2013 and 2017.

Spokesperson of the affected students, Yaw Damoah said the unnecessary delay has affected their academic work leaving their means of livelihood at the mercy of friends.

"We have been trying to get in touch with the authorities to at least hear us and pay us," he said.

According to him their scholarship is a collaborative effort between the governments of Ghana and China.

He added that the Chinese government has fulfilled their part of the bargain by providing the tuition fee and accommodation and other fees agreed under the sponsorship program.

However, the Ghanaian government has reneged on its responsibility, he bemoaned.

He stated that the Ghanaian government was to provide a stipend of $321.00 to each student, something the government has failed to do.

He said they were called last year and told by the Ghanaian authorities at the Embassy that they were cross checking their bank details.

Since then no payment has been made, a development he finds very worrying.