Teenager arrested after bleaching baby to convince her boyfriend that he is the father

A teenager girl from Limpopo in South Africa has been arrested for bleaching her baby in a bid to convince her doubting light-skinned boyfriend that he was the father.

When Tinyiko Mkhesani from Tzaneen in Limpopo was pregnant her light-skinned boyfriend told her that he didn’t trust her and that if the baby came out a few shades darker, he was not the father.

When the baby was born the boyfriend was away on work so when he requestedthe babypictures she always filtered them to make the baby look light-skinned. The plot thickened when the father said he was returning home.

Desperate, the poor girl started bleaching the baby’s skin intensively for four days using the ever popular Movate to make the baby lighter so to impress the father. Unfortunately the baby’s soft skin couldn’t take the harsh chemicals of the bleach product and started peeling off.

Tinyiko’s mother forced her to take the baby to the hospital where she was forced to explain what had happened and the police were informed. She is now in custody while the baby is being treated for the bleach wounds.

We were furnished with the pictures of the baby after the botched bleach job but in the interest of the baby’s privacy and due to the grotesque nature of the pictures, we are unable to publish them at this time.