'Covfefe' added to dictionary, Bye bye 'covfefe'

It's time to let covfefe die.

On Wednesday, Words With Friends — you know, that mobile word game that usedto be popular in like 2009 — announced it would be adding to its dictionary the meaningless (or meaningful) bundle of letters President Trump's careless Twitter fingers recently introduced to the world.

Joy. Rapture. Overkillllllll. Woo!

After Trump challenged his Twitter followers to decipher the "true meaning" of covfefe — which is likely just a misspelling of "coverage" — Words With Friends stepped up to the challenge.

The official Twitter account for the app announced the addition to the game, defining the word as a noun that means "autocorrect fails you at 3am."


Covfefe has only existed for two days but we're already beyond tired of it. It's puzzled the minds of Americans for hours, been transformed into some quality merch, and inspired a few memes. Enough is enough, people. Please stop trying to prolong the unfortunate life of this unfortunate word.