Aayalolo (Quality Bus System) making losses after 8 months of operation

The bosses of the Quality Bus System (QBS), have said that the system is still operating at a loss, about 8 months since commercial services commenced in the capital, Accra.

Reports indicate that, about 197 out of the 245 Aayalolo buses imported into the country for the QBS, have not been used since 2016.

The situation has led to low patronage of the system resulting in the inability of the company to earn enough to cover operational costs.

The State Transport Company (STC), has even indicated that, it is looking to acquire some of the buses to augment its fleet

“We still have a long way to go to be able to break even. We are ramping up the number of passengers and that is the real challenge. When we started the patronage was very poor. In December, we were doing an average of 1, 400 passengers a day.”

Having been originally touted as the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), the QBS was rather introduced, following the inability of the government to provide dedicated lanes for the buses which had been a major selling point of the BRT.

By: Edwin Kwakofi/citifmonline.com/Ghana