READ how Ebony Reigns dropped out of SHS to do Music

In case you didn’t know, Ebony Reigns, the Dancehall musician was a student at Methodist Girls SHS but didn’t complete the school. In a new interview with MzGee on Hitz Fm, the’Poison’ hitmaker refuted claims that she couldn’t complete because she was sacked by the school authorities.

She disclosed in the interview that, she decided to back out of secondary school because she wanted to focus on music and that she talked to her dad about it and he agreed but on condition that she finishes her education some time in the future.

Ebony Reigns added that, the essence of school is to gain knowledge and also earn income and she’s not regretted dropping out of school since music would fetch her the income that she needs.

“Why do we go to school? We go to school to be intellectuals and also to get an income and music can equally do the same things for me. If I’ll be going back to school then I’ll continue what I already know but not for income because music is already doing that.

I’ve never been dismissd from any school before. I was very stubborn but I was never sacked. I sat my dad down and told him this is what I wanted to do. I told him I want to do music and he understood me. He was like they have always known I was going to do music so they have no problem but I should promise them I will go back to school in future” Ebony told MzGee.