I was offered $150,000 to satisfy them - Princess Shyngle

          Ghanaian based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle disclosed in an interview with Delay ( Deloris Frimpong-Manso) that she was in a romantic relationship with Michael Essien for  a year. According to her, she was not aware of the fact that Essien, who is a Ghanaian footballer, was married with two children.

"I had no reason to ask him because I never saw a wedding ring on his finger and there was obviously no pictures of him and any woman on his social media so I assumed he was a single man"
          The voluptuous actress claims to have broken things off after being contacted by a number of people who revealed Essien's  married status to her after she was spotted getting intimate with him in public.

"We were out in public which was a dumb move and I got contacted by some people that he was married and then I decided to google and I found out that he was  married.

          In the same interview on The Delay Show, she revealed the reason why she ended her relationship with musician D-Black whom she dated for two years , stating that he was chronically unfaithful to her.

          Princess Shyngle also addressed questions about her body and stated that she has never had any surgical procedure to attain her tiny waist which she is popular for and claims that her physique is a result of consistent waist training (which she has been doing since 2014) and dieting.

          She admitted to Delay that is aware of the fact that some men see her as a sex object and revealed to her that she recently rejected $150k for sex from a man who contacted her on Instagram.

          When asked about a recent statement she made that men who do not have money shouldn't contact her,  the actress  expressed that she is tired of dating men who do not take care of her needs and she's only looking for a partner that will take provide her all her needs because she believes that the duty of every man is to provide for his woman.