Dumbfounding Love..

I stand in amazement
At your dumbfounding love
Even in sin when I deserved judgement
Cauldrons of mercy you sent from above

My mind can’t fathom why
An epitome of a blameless person
Would ditch His heavenly place to die
For sinners bound to worsen

Even after all this
We rejected your pierced hand
And lived in feigned bliss
Yet You called us yours, you gave us the brand

We were on the path to eternal doom
From the poisoned chalice we drank
Even then You never once did fume
Even when of sin we stank

Patiently from darkness, you turned our hearts away
Reached out Your hand, and drew us close
Called us back when we went astray
Fed us with love-overdose

Now as Christians, in splendid isolation we stand
With your scriptures as our traffic lights
Guiding us to The Promised Land
We proudly call ourselves The Savior’s Knights.