My Nemesis

I see the love all about me
All the pegs fitting smugly in their holes
With the exception of one, of course-me
All i have left are the sores, still a bright red
From trying to fit into holes where i didn't belong
Or was simply not needed
From making others my priority
While i remain nothing more than a formality
A mere afterthought
Now i'm sitting here reminiscing
And i realize it's all I've wanted my whole life
Which i've never found
And doesn't seem like i ever will
The tears are only a constant reminder
Of the outcast the world perceives me to be
But i smile through them
Forcing myself to acknowledge that maybe
That's just how it was meant to be
And hoping that one day, i'll see sunlight
Where dark clouds once were
And have someone i can finally call


  1. sounds a lot like something my wittle Edith would write


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