Do You Believe In Miracles?

When Dr. Appoh walked into the hospital cafetaria and saw the man in the corner with a sad face playing with his cup of what seemed to be coffee, he felt the sudden urge to preach. He hadn't felt that urge since Senior High School, when he had joined one of those Christian groups. <em>Maybe it's a Sunday morning that's why,</em> Dr Appoh thought. But he didn't ignore the feeling. In fact, as he ordered his light breakfast, he decided he was going to act on it. The man obviously needed motivation of some sort, and Dr Appoh felt he could deliver on that end.

"Can I sit here?" he asked the man, while holding his tray.

"Feel free," the man replied, not even bothering to look up. Dr. Appoh made himself comfortable. After a bite or two of his sandwich, he felt it was time to make his reason for sitting there announced. And so he spoke again,

"Excuse me sir, I just want a minute of your time. Do you believe in miracles?"

The man looked up for the first time, and the pained look on his face was enough reason for Dr. Appoh to realise he was intruding. But Dr. Appoh was not one to quit easily. He had motivation to dispense, and he would do so. Not waiting for a reply he continued;

"Let me tell you of a miracle I witnessed today. I was home this morning when I got called in. A survivor of a motor accident, a woman, needed immediate surgical attention. So I rushed to the hospital. And my team and I started work on her. She had a long metal shard sticking out her stomach. Did I say that this woman was pregnant? Anyway, here we are trying to save this woman from bleeding out, when she flat-lines. At that point there is nothing we can do. But guess what? The baby was not even harmed. Not a single scratch. And he rests in an incubator right now. The authorities are looking for the family of the woman, so that they know what to do with the baby. It's a tragic story, sir, but what I want you to focus on is the fact that out of a bad situation, something good always appears." Dr. Appoh felt that had gone quite well, because now the man was looking at him with fresh tears in his eyes. <em>They always cry when they realise it's true,</em> Dr, Appoh thought.

The man took a deep breath, and, tears rolling down his face, stuttered.

"I've stopped believing in miracles. Today, just this morning, I was driving to church with my pregnant wife by me..."

By Antony Can-Tamakloe