YesiYesiGhana: Ghanaians/Nigerians sue Jamie Oliver for cooking jollof without Maggie cube

West Africans are passionate about two things and two things only; football and jollof rice. Countless friendships and marriages have ended over jollof disputes.

To misrepresent jollof in any way, shape or form is to misrepresent a West African’s very essence.

It is therefore no surprise that a group of Ghanaians and Nigerians have dragged the famous British chef Jamie Oliver to court for “cooking jollof without Maggie cube,” an act considered an abomination in the eyes of every true West African. The group, determined to fight for justice on behalf of all West Africans, has hired the services of a London based law firm with a long track record in taking up controversial cases.

They want London’s High Court to force the millionaire chef to publicly apologise for “cooking the famous jollof rice without Maggie cube and for posting the misleading jollof recipe on his website.” (Link to Jamie Oliver’s website—– ) 

“They want to destroy us but the devil is a liar. They’re killing us with ebola and now they want to disgrace us by cooking our beloved jollof in this shameful manner. Chai, diaris a God oh,” raged one Nigerian.

A Ghanaian member of the group revealed that Jamie Oliver will also face the charge of “serving the jollof rice without a portion of the scorched bits- which happens to be everyone’s favourite” and an additional charge of “serving jollof without the mandatory bottle of ice cold Supermalt or Malta Guinness.” The group also appealed to all West Africans to join hands to preserve “our beloved jollof.

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