Elikem Recalled To Join Big Brother Africa..But Without Pokello

Ghanaian, Elikem Kumordzie, who emerged third in last year’s Big Brother Africa (The Chase), is going back into the reality show.

Elikem is one of 10 former housemates who have been announced by organizers of the reality show to make a surprise entry into the show. The move, which is a prank, is to confuse the existing housemates into believing that the ex-housemates are their competitions and they may lose their spots to them.

According to sources, Elikem's girlfriend and also a former Big Brother Africa rep from Zimbabwe, Pokello, opted out to prepare for the luncheon of her new brand, PokelloPinkButton.

Elikem is entering the house as competition to Ghanaian housemate, M'am Bea. Zimbabwe's Vimbai from Big Brother Amplified is Butterphly and JJ's competition while Ugandan Denzel from Big Brother The Chase, is up against Ellah.

Mozambique’s Leonel from Big Brother Revolution is a competition to Trezagah; well-known South Africa actor Luclay from Big Brother Amplified will be Nhlanhla’s competition. Sipe's competition is Malawi’s Natasha from Big Brother The Chase.

Tanzania’s Feza from Big Brother The Chase is Idris’ competition while Botswana’s Miss P from Big Brother Amplified will seek to pose a some competition to Sheilah and Goitse’s chances of winning the reality show. Big Brother All Stars winner, Uti, will seek to stress Tayo while Zambia’s Sulu, from the Big Brother The Chase, has his eyes on Macky2.

The ex-housemates are expected to enter the Big Brother house on Monday and are expected to be in the house for a week.

Source: JFM/Ghana