Leave Obinim Alone!!

The recent rift and the rankling resentment between self styled bishop, Bishop Daniel Kwadwo Obinim, the bankroller of International Gods Way Church and certain figures within the media as to whether the former is a true man of God or an agent of the dark world is totally needless and a misplaced priority.

For sometime now, many people through the various social media platforms have taken one of the most popular men of God known especially for his exquisite and fashionable dressing Bishop Daniel Obinim to the cleaners chastising him of using fake and deceptive tactics to lure people to his church which some critics enthusiastically refer to as the shrine, in a bid to seek redemption.

In the face of these numerous chastisement, my simple question is, do people have any legitimate case at all against the embattled man of God? I think the answer is a big no. Quite a significant number of Ghanaians run to Bishop Daniel Obinim to seek redemption and at the end of the day if the people have their prayers answered and unextricable spiritual bondages are broken then l see no reason why people should be nailing him to the cross "false prophets".

The question of whether he is a true man of God is totally unnecessary and outrageous although the speculation is fueled by his sheer display of arrogance and consistent use of harsh word (invectives) before the holy alter which many describe as blasphemy and a slap on the face of Christian precepts but we must also remind ourselves that being a man of God doesn't necessarily mean you are not fallible.

Our human nature prevails when one is provoked beyond certain limits, remember Jesus used cane on those selling and buying in the holy temple, a vivid case of extreme provocation could be established. Obinim may have his weakness just like any other person, Moses from the old version of the "Good Book" battled with his weakness which was anger and eventually got himself killed by God after several warnings but that didn't mean moses was not a true servant of Yaweh.

Is there any shred of evidence to support the spinning speculation that Obinim is sourcing his power from a "dirty deity "? No at all, all the talks remain just rhetorics and a grand scheme just to bring his integrity to disrepute. If people are really saved from their troubles which includes illness, financial embarrassment, spiritual marriages and others, then l absolutely see no reason why the rumour mill should consistently seek to taint his spiritual credibility.

I may not be a devout christian but a quick reminder from the "Good Book " (luke 9:38) A time came when John reported to Jesus saying, Lord we have seen a man driving out demons using your name and we told him to stop because he doesn't belong to our group but our Lord who is a repository of all knowledge said no and further continued "he who not against us is for us.

I see no reason why any good standing christian should make it his/her priority to drag the controversial bishop to early judgement when even the good Jesus is not ready for him yet. In the face of numerous accusations levelled against him and the background soundbites that he is not a true man of God is an issue of divine intelligence which no man reserves the right to question because those accusing him by themselves cannot justify whether they are from God or not, so why worried about Obinim when judgment day awaits us all.

The fact that someone is labelled a man of God doesn't make the person an angel, Judas got the singular opportunity to dine and wine with the saviour but his personal attributes denied him of a divine sanctioned salvation reserved for the twelve few. Jesus knew the evil and greedy heart of Judas but he walked with him to the end.

On the flip side Obinim has his personal challenges with regards to morality but that alone does not give credence to the attempt to label him fake unless otherwise someone is keeping us in the loop. Who then commands the moral authority to judge Obinim?

Many Ghanaians also accuse him of exploiting the ignorance of a section of his congrigants and unsuspectingly rob both the rich and the "missary poor" all in a bid to grant them redemption.

I may not know much about Bishop Obinim but on logical balance, we know how deceptions work so l begin to wonder how such stratagem would work in the midst of ever- growing followers who troop in to his church everyday. I have sighted quite a significant number of prominent figures, very intelligent and respected people in the country who also go to his church to find a way to disentangle themselves from the web of spiritual slavery, so the issue of hired and paid characters who fake ailments and end up being healed by Obinim through the mentioning of the name Jesus is too fragile to be contested on any academic discussions. And that will amount to insulting the intelligence of people who see the Bishop as their refuge hence such discussions should be thrown out.

I think many Ghanaians draw motivation and inspirations from a portion of the good book where a blind man got healed by Jesus and was later interrogated by the chief priests with some funny questions which sought to indict Jesus but the blind man said something quite interesting and amazing "all l know is, l was blind and now l can see"
Most of the people run to him because the name Jesus Christ is used as a prefix in the healing process and if there's something under his sleeves, he fellowers must not take the blame.

I think Obinim must also learn to know how to react to criticisms and accusations by employing circumspection and and certain level of pragmatism in his responses and shy away from his consistent use of abusive words on people who criticise him unjustly.The strategic position he occupies now makes it easier for young ones to emulate the success story a school-drop out who has ended up in a church leading such a significant number of people, such should be seen as a great honour and a call to serve but not a platform to peddle insults and personal achievements. It is highly unconventional for a perceived man of God to be a chief syndicate in the business of insult--trade.

Going forward mockery and ridiculing which has become the pride of modern journalism in this country is a serious issue that must be addressed so as to avoid confrontations of this kind. "if something does not touch the palm tree, it does not rattle "

Obinim should be left alone to do his works without any heckling and unnecessary interference from anyone, whether he's using black power which translates in our local dialect as "juju" or not, it's between him and his God. How many of us can hold claim to perfection, every mortal soul is fallible. What if God is truly using him?

Spare Obinim of those criticisms and worry about how you can seek salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord , remember on judgement day, each one for himself, God for us all, the Bible is my witness.

Source: Ghana| Ivan Kyei Innocent|nanakyei81@gmail.com.