Phone Calls In Ghana Will Cost 50% More Next Year: Here’s Why

Mobile phone users are likely to pay more on the calls they make from next year as the telecom companies prepare to pay about 50% more for interconnection charges.

This may affect tariffs paid by consumers as the Ghp4 per minute charge will increase to about Ghp60 because of the new interconnection charges arrangement.

This was announced by the Principal Manager/Head of Licensing, Regulatory Administration at the National Communications Authority (NCA), Mr Kwame Baah-Acheamfuor, in a forum in Accra.

Customers of the various telecom operators have accused them of providing poor services.

Mr Baah-Acheamfour disclosed that an interconnect clearing house will also be established to champion the interconnection charge move.

Mr Baah-Acheamfuor explained that the clearing house will take care of issues relating to the auditing of the charges.

“We will make Ghana’s clearing house more unique just as we did with the mobile number portability (MNP) and other systems introduced to make the sector better,” he added.

Meanwhile, various speakers at the forum were displeased about the tariff increment citing the additional cost that comes with the move.

(H/T Citifm)