"I won’t rush into marriage"- 45 year old Gifty Anti talks about her lovelife

Gifty Anti said she believed she had found the right man, but  she will marry when he is ready. She will wait as she is not desperately seeking for marriage.

 She said, “I don’t hate men and I’m not against marriage. Besides, it is not the woman who decides but the man. The woman can only drop hints but the final decision depends on the man and what he wants. I think I will marry when my man is ready but if not, I don’t think I’m so desperate for it.

The 45-year talked about the challenges she faced with society and her family as she was being pressured to marry but she had come to accept that there was no competition in marriage and that in God’s own time, his will shall be done.

According to her, she used to envy married couples but with time she grew to admire them. “In the past, I used to envy married couples but with years of experience, I’ve grown to admire them. I’ve come to realize that we all have a purpose in this life and it is for everyone to appreciate his/her usefulness on this earth.
“Everybody has the destiny. I know married women who have excelled and single women as well. I don’t think a person’s contribution to society should be weighed by themarital status,” she stated.