New ISIS map includes Ghana(+half of Africa), Europe and 25% of Asia

According to the, The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria(ISIS) have announced the names of countries they seek to imminently control and published a map. 

The map includes all Arab countries, nearly half of all African countries including Ghana and countries in Europe, including Spain and 25 percent of the area of ​​the continent of Asia.

ISIS announced through some Jihadist websites that they intend to annex the following countries along with Iraq: the Levant, Hijaz, Yemen, Khorasan, Kurdistan, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Europe, Andalusia, Abyssinia, and Maghreb.

Ghana will be located in the Maghreb Emirate 

ISIS noted that the map of the Islamic caliphate contains the division of the Islamic State into several states (Emirates) with each state containing a group of countries. The state of Iraq includes both Iraq and Kuwait. The state of the Levant includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and the Sinai, while the state of the Hijaz includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. The state of Yemen remains unchanged and the state of Khorasan contains Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and the Indian subcontinent.

What are the chances of this ever happening?  And do you think the international community is doing enough to stop this madness?