READ: Dark Suburb denies claims of being unmasked

It has come to the attention of Dark Suburb that a website,, has published some images claiming to be unmasked faces of members of the band. Much as we appreciate the curiosity around the band and we do not discourage speculation around their identity, we are, however, not enthused at the images used by the said website. These are images of some white people who painted themselves black for Halloween. These images attracted widespread criticism for being racist when the were released.
As a band, one of the philosophical underpinnings behind our skeleton identity is the complete abhorrence of racism. When you strip humanity of skin, we are all left with skeleton. Thus, it would be completely at variance with our vision for the world if we look unconcerned at the publication of these racist images. We appreciate the attempt at humour but we abhor the content. We humbly appeal to to kindly take down the images. They are at liberty to get creative and replace those images withsomething less problematic. We wish to assure our fans that we would continue to make good and relevant music that entertains and uplifts. We are grateful to all for the support so far.
  Dark Suburb