Commercial drivers across the country begin nationwide strike, Monday

Some commercial drivers have began an indefinite nationwide strike Monday morning.

The drivers say some policies prescribed by the amended road traffic regulations (LI 2180 ) and currently being implemented by the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) are unfriendly to them.

Charles Danso, Chairman of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, says the strike is to get the DVLA to treat them well.

"They (DVLA) brought something called biometric road worthy sticker, [but] all the roads on which we are [driving on] are not good at all [so when] DVLA asks us to take a computerised road-worthy test we don't pass", he lamented.

He adds that they are also unable to acquire driving licenses because of a Basic School Certificate requirement which most of the drivers do not have.

"Not all of us have been to school before", he said.

However, checks on the ground Monday morning shows that at some lorry stations drivers are working.