How I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for just GH¢6.30 at AhonyaBid

"Seriously u guys fall for this 419 loool" "It's a scam" "This is not true " - Three of the numerous skeptical comments on the Facebook ad by AhonyaBid that first introduced me to the service . Of course I had my doubts too. I mean, who on earth sells an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy s6 for just ¢150 when their actual prices are ¢2600 and ¢3200 respectively . It just didn't make sense. But after checking out the site and researching on the service, I realized it was like the eBay auction service and supported by Savannah Fund in Kenya and Dubai-based Rio Technology Partners. That was when I decided to give it a try. Setting up my account was very easy. Took less than 1minute. 

From my understanding, this is how the service works. First, you register and buy bids in order to join the auction. Bids are sold in bundles ie 20bids for ¢10, 55bids for ¢25 etc. Payment can be made with a credit/debit card, MTN mobile money, Tigo Cash or Airtel money. 

Secondly, you have to wait for the auction to start. Ideally, the auctions 
1) last for 2minutes, 10seconds creating a thrilling bidding experience. 
2) every new bid adds 30secs to the timer.
3) every new bid adds ¢0.10 to the cost of the device being auctioned.
4) The starting price of any device on sale is ¢0.00.

But because this was the first auction, they changed the rules slightly . The timer was fixed and set to 13hours (8am-9pm). A new bid didn't increase the timer. And also, a new bid increased the price of the device by just ¢0.01.

I made sure I was the last bidder and that's how I managed to buy a Samsung Galaxy s6 Egde for just ¢6.30 at an amazing 99.8% discount. This auction got over 600 bids. A very good start for the company if you ask me. The best part of this service is they give you the choice to buy the device with your bids even if you don't win the auction. 

According to them, the delivery time is same day for orders in Accra and next day for major cities. For other towns, delivery may take up to three days and all deliveries are made via DHL or FedEx. 

As at now, I can see they keep postponing the next auction. Probably because they want more users to join first. It's understandable because without new bidders, the company would definitely collapse. The truth is if I had a choice, I would have kept this service to myself so that I'll win all the auctions. More bidders means the prices will go higher and there will be extra competition. I'm just selfish like that 💁. But me being selfish would mean the company might not survive and it would be such a shame for such a wonderful Ghanaian startup to die just like that. So register here NOW. Who knows? You might just win.